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Visual driving

Visual Driver Method®

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Have you ever wondered why road accidents happen because of rear-end collisions so many times? Or do they happen for cars that make a wrong turn, arrive long and end up in a ditch, or even worse the so-called frontal accidents, or simply the small rear-end collision that happens when you enter a roundabout against the car that seemed to have started but instead suddenly stopped, and you, looking to your left and not in front of you, ended up in its bumper?

Well, 100% of the time they happen precisely because our gaze is not focused in the right place!

Otherwise, it’s natural that if you saw a very tight corner in time, the manoeuvre you would instinctively do is to brake your car at the right speed… and this avoid going into the ditch.

In rear-end collisions, the same thing happens, that is, beyond the small safety distance between one car and another, your gaze, your field of vision, only stops at the car in front of us….. Think instead if your gaze was positioned, after the right safety distance with the car in front of you, at 5 cars in front of you!

If you saw that car start an emergency braking, you would do the same thing, without waiting for the domino effect of the cars in front of you so would be able, without any problem, to avoid the collision…..

I’ve created a method called Visual driving, which not only serves to teach you exactly where to look to avoid any problem on the road, but in case you decide to come to the racetrack, you’ll immediately realize how effective this method is to make you improve your performance in a very fast way.

It’s not just theory, there’s a lot of practice behind this method and we’ll do a lot of it together…

I’m going to make you do some motor-eye exercises in the theory room (scientifically called saccadic movements) before going on the track, and you’ll be surprised by how far from perfection your visual target is…


"Allow me you to teach you my method"

- Domenico Schiattarella

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